"No matter where your travels take you, you can be safe having your vehicle cared for at Brad's Garage"
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Cathy & Harry Holzmann, Proprietors of Blue Mountains Fuel Injection, dedicated to looking after you.

You have found us...

Mechanics that love what they do and proud of how we look after our customers...

...and our Family Business, with Brad, running the workshop, here in Lithgow!

Brad's Garage, (Our Lithgow Workshop Trading Name) at 168 Bells Road Lithgow, NSW 2790; W'shop No. 02 6351 3666; Brad's Mobile 0404 490 604;

Doing rego checks and minor services now on Saturdays,


9.30 am to 12.00 noon (Except on public Holidays, and some


Saturdays, If we have family commitments. Please call me, Harry, if


you have an urgent need 0412 399 553 even after hours)




 We hear stories all the time about how owners who know nothing about cars are disadvantaged when they get a rego check done. This is not the case with reputable workshops and indeed with us. There are so many women that enjoy dealing with us, as we always treat them right, (as well as guys who don't know about cars). Looking after your car is our job and we always hope to do good work. Being in Lithgow is great, as so many of our customers recommended us to their friends and Family


Ask for a reminder sticker for your NEXT REGO DUE to help you remember when

your next rego is due when you get a rego check with us. Avoid having to give the Police a lot of money if you drive without rego & Insurance (apart from the risk of having an accident).


During the week we are here 8.30am till 5.30pm

Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner in Australia

Check out what we can do to prevent wear in diesels in our Fuelmate section.. Overcoming low sulphur diesel wear problems.

Fuel Injector Cleaner & Cleaning

We had our 6th Birthday, after moving here in March 2011.

We are looking forward to many more years.

We believe that you should be able to get good service and advice, irrespective of your mechanical understanding and we are determined to give you honest and sincere support!

We are available to help with your friends or Family visiting our area and in trouble, or needing a service, or advice... Just Call Us

InterJect Fuel Injector Cleaner & On and Off Car Injector Cleaning

Our Service Mission Statement:

To provide the best possible care, and use the most cost effective products and parts to ensure your motor vehicle investment is well protected.

We always try to involve our customers, and especially ladies enjoy our level of care. You don't need to know about cars to get treated right, and, when doing a service on your vehicle we will always contact you if we find any issues. Extra costs that you don't know about is not an option.

We Love what we do, and we are passionate about fixing your problem or looking after either, your "pride & joy" or just the runaround. We care about you, our customer and will always endeavor to look after you.

Activities at our Lithgow Workshop comes under Brad Holzmann's "Brad's Garage" banner, with his enthusiasm for V8's and the older cars where the customer is transported back in time to Good Old Customer Service, (along with being able to look after the modern technical problems) and Brad has the ability to fabricate the part that can't be readily obtained. One of our customers explained her feelings like this " Brad does not bung on any pretence or the flashiness of some of the larger workshops, just honest fair dinkim fixing of cars" "And his Dad, Harry is always there to support Brad in everything he does.

We are very proud of Brad winning the MAZDA APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR Award in 1992, and carrying on the Automotive repair tradition.  Speak with Brad at any time to discuss your needs!!

Call Us Today, 02 6351 3666                    



StateFleet, SG Fleet & fleetcare Approved Repairer & Services

Overview of our Services to you:

  • We can save you money by providing proper care for your vehicle
  • Brad is the specialist at using a "Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer"
  • We can "Dyno Tune" & test your engine under LOAD
  • Fuel System Servicing is our speciality. Do you have problems with your vehicle? Call us!
  • We specialise in using the InterJect Equipment and have been using these special chemicals for Petrol & Diesel Servicing for over 24 years.
  • We also promote and market InterJect Fuel Injection Servicing Equipment and Chemicals to other trade users and provide the technical InterJect support.
  • Carburettor Overhauls and general tuning work, as well as log book servicing, and general Maintenance work
  • We also offer Pre-purchase or general vehicle inspections, and often we can save you a lot of money when we help you make a good buying purchase?
  • Fuelmate is our recommended Fuel Catalyst choice,  having been involved in the fuel catalysts for over 18 years, this is the culmination of the best, by Fuel Dynamics. Being passionate about delivering results is a real benefit, and we are very pleased to be marketing and to be associated with Fuel Dynamics. FuelMate will make a difference on any engine that we fit up!
  • Interject is regarded as the best Fuel Injection Chemical, for on vehicle "Fuel System Cleaning" and preventative maintenance, ..... For Diesel and Petrol
  • This Servicing can help you achieve better fuel economy and improved reliability!
  • Good tuning will improve Power and Torque!
  • Your engine will be 'cleaner' and burn fuel more efficiently and your engine will last longer.
  • EFI Fuel pump testing for Flow as well as pressure.
  • Don't have your fuel pump replaced until it is tested to be weak or faulty!!
  • Testing the fuel system after a fuel pump has been replaced will check if there is a blockage in the return line or pressure regulator, which could have been the reason the original pump had failed???


Please let us know that you are happy with our work, as we do work hard to win your trust, and we are very grateful for your recommendation of our services to your friends. Your feedback is always welcome.
send us an email bmfi@bigpond.com even if have failed to satisfy you, we want to know how to improve our service.
Regards, Harry & Brad Holzmann.
Do you have any questions? Contact us today!

We Moved From Megalong St. Katoomba...

It's now over 6 years, since our move from Katoomba, setting up here on 11th March 2011, and we are grateful to the Lithgow customers for accepting us and bringing their business and problems for us to sort out. We really love what we do, & Brad and the team will work hard to look after you! We know from experience that each visit from our customers has to be a satisfying experience, and we will strive to look after you.

Our Thanks go to Kristian & Mary from K&M Performance for giving us the opportunity to take over the workshop, and from the feedback so far, we seem to be kicking some goals.

One of the great things about Lithgow is the support and interaction with other businesses and we find out very quickly who is fair dinkum or not. One of the places that we can sincerely recommend is the people at R&A Chainsaws at 327 Main Street (big yellow building opposite the Servo.) Rod Guerney and his wife Anne and their son Corey will look after you and we recommend them to all our friends.  Call them on 6352 3014; (website coming soon)... They also have a beaut family run B&B called Blue Hills Resort, at Little Hartley, a fantastic place to stay or have a function.

If you are looking for a great website designer to produce a site like ours, (or one of your liking)... please call us and we will let them know to contact you back. They are a great team and we highly recommend you give them a chance to produce a website for you... call Harry 0412 399 553;

P.S., We may be able to service your vehicle if you have it as a salary sacrifice with your own Fleet Service Company. We are approved with StateFleet, fleetcare & SG Fleet etc, and we may be able to do other fleet companies. Please call us and we will get it organised.

You will also protect your new car warranty by bringing your vehicle to us.

You can rely on us to look after it, as we constantly strive to know about new technology etc.


 Deal with Mechanics That Love What They Do!
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